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Key features

The Atwatch 24/7 Tech Support Service is built to maximize Web Site uptime and enable Web Sites owners, managers and executives to measure and proactively improve site availability, performance, transactions, and ultimately, user experience.

  1. Atwatch Monitors All Types of Web Pages and Servers
    We monitor Web Servers (HTTP), Password-protected Web Sites, Secure Web Servers (HTTPS), E-mail Servers, Domain Name Servers (DNS) Telnet Servers (Telnet, SSH) Database and all other servers
  2. Plans Priced to Meet Every Budget
    We provide you with a plan that fits your specific needs with multiple monitoring frequencies (5, 15, and 30 minute monitoring and up to 40, 20 and 10 contacts per month, respectively). The shorter the monitoring frequency the more likely Atwatch will identify issues, which may lead to a higher level of contacts.
  3. Monitoring and Notification
    Around the clock live notification service. Unparalleled in Web Site monitoring reliability. We employ a MultiPOP monitoring (Multiple Geographic Monitors) along with manual checks and verifications before we notify you of the problem. We guarantee no false alerts.
  4. Web Engineers On Call 24/7
    Dedicated Web engineers on call 24/7and ready to respond and help you resolve any downtime issues with your Web Site.
  5. Multiple methods of Notification
    You can be notified on your Pager, Cell Phone, E-mail, home/office phone, and SMS. We will contact you until we reach you and resolve the issue.
  6. Customizes Escalation and Notification Procedures
    Our Web engineers work closely with you to define your escalation and notification procedures. You can choose to be notified only after the issue has been detected a number of times or you can even tell us not to call you during certain hours and instead contact your hosting provider.
  7. Traceroute Reporting
    We produce a Traceroute report depending on the error we encounter at the same time the error occurred. This helps us to pinpoint with high degree of confidence the specific network location of the problem.
  8. On-line Web Control Panel & Management Tools
    Multiple URLs can be managed in a single account. On-line availability stats & Web Site performance stats.
  9. Performance Measurement Information
    We monitor, record, track and report to you in graphical reports and in your local time (Variable Time Zone) the following availability and performance measurement information:
    • DNS lookup response time ;
    • Connect response time ;
    • Percentage Up Time %;
    • Weekly Availability and Downtime Chart by Day;
    • Link and Image Checks (optional).