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How it works:

    Site Availability
    No software to install or web site changes to make. Atwatch simulates a browser visit to your site at the frequency of your choice 24 hours a day. At 5 minute monitoring intervals, we check your site 288 times a day and perform a series of site checks. Atwatch looks and acts just like a user visit to your site. When Atwatch confirms a site problem we send immediate alerts that find you via the alert methods of your choice.

    Site Content
    Atwatch completes a full link check and image check on your site every week. The link and image check is performed at off-peak hours. Internal and external links and images are verified and a weekly report identifies broken links and missing images.

    Site Performance/User Experience
    We perform browser visits to your site at a the interval of your choice and perform measurements of the site and see how your site really performs over time and understand how users really see your site. Our reports and alerts let you proactively understand and manage user experience at your site.

What does Atwatch Enterprise include:

  • Site Availability - We're at watch 24 hours a day.
    • Watch frequency - 5, 20 or 60 minute intervals (Less than 5 minutes may interfere with the performance of your site)
    • Alerts - Immediate alerts and recovery alerts via email, pager and fax
    • Backend Systems Check - our deep monitoring verifies that your backend, secure systems are responding.
    • False Alert Avoidance System - our unique 3 phase system to eliminate false alerts
    • Availability Reports - Detailed Daily*, Weekly and Monthly reports
  • Site Content - The only watch service on the web that includes link and image check reports.
    • Site Link Check - weekly site link checks
    • Site Image Check - weekly site image checks
    • Content Reports - Weekly reports
  • Site Performance and User Experience - See how your site performs under pressure from the real users perspective.
    • Performance Statistics - see site performance over time
    • User Experience - identify immediately via our alerts and reports if missing content (images, banners, buttons, CGI, Scripts) is making your site unusable or crippled.
    • Hacker Watch - Know if unauthorized changes are made to your homepage or URL.
    • Performance and User Experience Reports - Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports giving you a clear picture of how your site is seen by users 24 x 7.

What other advantages does Atwatch Enterprise offer?

  • Verify SLA's - Proactively manage and verify provider Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • External Monitoring - Internal monitoring is good, but only gives you half the picture. External monitoring assures that you see the whole picture.
  • Unbiased Reporting - See how you and your team are performing. You can't solve a problem until you identify it.
  • Convenient Reports - Atwatch reports are delivered to your desk every week. For a minimal cost, you receive clear, accurate information that you can act upon immediately.
  • Forget Batch Link Checkers - our link check reports provide you with the information in a convenient easy to read report.
  • Peace-of-mind - Atwatch is the reliability leader in online monitoring services.


    Atwatch will protect your site at a specified interval (60, 20 or 5 minutes) and provide weekly content checks and performance/user experience information. Our top-tier performance packages start at $33.99 per month. Discounts are available for multiple URL monitoring.