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October 7, 1999
@watch is now a Merchant with the LinkShare Network!

@watch has recently joined the LinkShare Network of Merchants for our affiliate program. @watch will share Merchant status with companies like Dell, Disney and Food.com and be available through hundreds of affiliate sites. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of @watch, please review the information and begin offering your site visitors a service they'll thank you for.


October 4, 1999
@watch announces the new Third Voice watch!

Because our customers have a right to know what others say about their site and service or product, @watch has developed a Third Voice watch. This watch will check customer sites each day, looking for any public Third Voice messages posted to the site. We will alert our customers to any new activity, showing them the message header so they can see if it's good news or bad. Companies and individuals should know if there is a negative message attached to their site and they want to know if it's a positive message. Know what's going on at your site and sign up for the Third Voice watch today! You can learn more about this service.

September 1, 1999
Eric Fader wins the Name The Bulldog Contest with his suggestion of Browser!

Although Pedro M. Garcia's suggestion of Sentinel was picked as the August finalist, we have decided that Browser is the ultimate winner. Eric Fader entered the contest in April and his name has been tough to beat. I want to thank Pedro and all the other finalists for entering this contest. It's been a lot of fun for us at Quicksand Development. Eric will be the winner of the Polycom Soundpoint Pro phone (valued at $300). Congratulations!


July 26, 1999
@watch highlighted in the Cincinnati Business Courier

"Internet 'watchdog' sniffs out problems" reads the title of Lauren Lawley Head's recent article on @watch. The article touched on the services' capabilities - monitoring customers' web sites at various intervals and checking performance, content, links, and for any possible hacker activity. Sean Brown, VP of Technology for Ethos Interactive, was quoted in the article saying "Tools like @watch are becoming increasingly popular for companies that do not have the resources in-house to monitor the performance of a Web site and their Internet service provider. I think (monitoring services) are valuable... especially if the company has an ecommerce presence where it is important to know your site is up and running and alive." See the full article.


July 26, 1999
@watch Signs Co-location Agreement with ViperLink International

Miles J. Nixon, President and CTO of Quicksand Development announced that ViperLink International has won the contract to host the Atwatch services at it's co-location facilities in Cincinnati, Ohio. "Viperlink offers @watch direct connectivity to eight major backbone providers, eliminating the bottlenecks at MAE-East and West and thus offering our customers better and more reliable information" said Nixon. He added "We are in the business of protecting our customers online businesses 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and we need 100% up-time to be considered a legitimate resource for mission critical web sites". Quicksand will relocate Atwatch™ in the first week of August 1999.


June 22, 1999
CEO/CTO of Quicksand interviewed on the XStar Radio Network

Ann Thompson, Producer for the XStar Radio Network, recently interviewed Miles J. Nixon, CEO/CTO of Quicksand Development, LLC. The interview was part of their "Focus on Technology" series and stressed the usefulness of @watch as a service. It was aired on 7 midwest stations in the XStar Radio Network. Listen to the entire interview with RealPlayer.


May 24, 1999
Netscape highlights @watch

Jennifer Schu's article highlights @watch as a way to prevent "cybercrisis." It notes that many companies are turning to outside website monitoring services to avoid site failures that can render websites "broken." The article stresses the importance of @watch's automated alerts to customers about their web site problems. The bottom line -- eCommerce is a "24/7" business - your web site should be "watched" 24/7 too.


March 17, 1999
@Watch introduced to the Web via Press Release

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, companies and organizations are creating new web sites daily to help do more business and attract more customers online. Quicksand enters the rapidly growing Web site monitoring market today with @watch, a better way for companies and organizations to monitor and protect their online business. @watch visits customer Web sites as often as every 5 minutes. Simulating a browser visit to the site to detect common web site problems, @watch immediately alerts site managers via email, pager, and fax. The result: web site problems are fixed quickly before visitors and customers are affected, business is lost, and company or organization image is tarnished.

March 1st, 1999
Quicksand Development Releases Powerful New Web Engine

Moving quickly to the forefront of the emerging "Web site monitoring" market, Quicksand Development today launched its new service, @watch, based upon a proprietary Java engine called Atwatch™.

The engine "watches" Web sites as often as every 5 minutes to make sure a site is up, the links work, the site is responsive and the content is there. When it's not, @watch notifies site managers immediately via email, pager, and fax alerts. We're at watch when you can't be.

Protecting business online.

August 1, 1999
"Watcher" chosen as July's finalist in the Name the Bulldog Contest

Bill Koch is July's finalist, suggesting Watcher as a name for our bulldog. So far we have chosen Linus Torvalds, Megabyte (or Mega-bite), and Browser as finalists. There is just one more month to go before we pick the ultimate winner of the Name the Bulldog Contest and award that person with a Polycom Soundpoint Pro phone (valued at $300).


July 16, 1999
Doug Bohannon answered the @watch Questionnaire and won a Polycom Phone!

Doug Bohannon of Steelox Systems, Inc was one of the many respondents to our @watch questionnaire and was chosen as the winner of the Polycom Soundpoint Pro phone (valued at $300). We received terrific response to the questionnaire and we're glad to hear almost all of you are happy with the service @watch provides. Many of you had good ideas for ways to improve or upgrade @watch. Though they weren't all feasible, we're already including some in our plans for Atwatch. Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the questionnaire.


July 1, 1999
"Linus Torvalds" chosen as June's finalist in the Name the Bulldog Contest

Thanks to Joey Cagle, an apparent Linux fan, for suggesting Linus Torvalds as a bulldog name. We assume the dog could be called Linus for short. And again, we received so many terrific names last month - that another special mention is required. A very close second choice was iByte, a terrific name given to us by John Weaver.

There are still two more months to enter the contest. The winner will receive a Polycom SoundPoint Pro phone (valued at $300). So enter today!


June 1, 1999
"Megabyte" and "Mega-bite" chosen as May's finalists in the "Name the Bulldog" Contest

Osama Ziadeh and Jerry Gira cleverly chose Megabyte (or Mega-bite) as a name for our bulldog and became May's finalists. We do want to give special mention to J. Maginnis for the timely suggestion of Webforce. There is still plenty of time to enter the contest - so do it today!


April 30, 1999
"Browser" chosen as first finalist in
"Name the Bulldog" Contest

Congratulations to Eric Fader for his suggestion of Browser for our Bulldogs' name. That's going to be a tough one to beat when we pick the final name in September. Thank you to everyone who entered in April, we had some very interesting names to choose from. If you haven't entered the contest, do it today!


April 5, 1999
Name our Bulldog and you could win the new Polycom Soundpoint Pro SOHO phone system

Enter a name for our Bulldog and you will be entered into a drawing for the Polycom phone system. We'll pick one Bulldog name each month as a finalist. You can increase your chances by recommending a friend to our site and if they win, you win too! Just put in their email address and we will send them a message inviting them to our site and our contest. Finalists will be posted in our Site News.
The winner(s) will be chosen at the end of the promotion in September.

SoundPoint Pro Highlights:

  • Hands-free conversations - freedom from your handset
  • 2-line capability - leave your home line open
  • Conferencing - 3 way conversation with friends and relatives
  • Headset hookup - Hands free for talking and typing
  • 360 degree microphone - great for large groups
  • Caller ID ready - screen out telemarketers etc.
  • Visit Polycom for more information

Sorry, the contest is now over.