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July 2005
European Based Monitoring Now Available!

Based on recent requests by our customers and our explosive growth outside the U.S. market, Atwatch has introduced European Based Monitoring (Germany). This feature will allow all our customers to select the geographic monitoring zone where they would like their monitoring to originate from.

April 2004
Improving Access to Web Sites

In a move to enhance the Atwatch web site monitoring service, Atwatch has established additional redundant Internet connections and has upgraded routers, servers and additional equipment. According to Jeff Jennings, CIO, "Upgrading Atwatch servers and monitoring facilities to include a DS3 circuit and new routers will allow us to have additional redundancy and provide our monitors more routing alternatives as part of our on going commitment to our customers."

March 2002
New Variable Time Zone Reporting to be available in March!

Based on recent requests by our customers and our explosive growth outside the U.S. market, Atwatch has introduced variable time reporting. This feature will allow all our customers to select the timezone in which the alert and watch information is reported, improving communication and ease of use of our portfolio of products.

February 2002
Business process and transaction monitoring solutions now available through Atwatch!

In order to expand the breath of product options available to our customers, Atwatch has added ASP model business process and transaction monitoring products to its existing portfolio. According to Joan Chandler, General Manager of Atwatch, "Adding these products allows us move further toward our goal of being the single best solution for a variety of web site performance products and needs, whether you are a small business or a large, global e-commerce web site."

February 2002
Atwatch Achieves #1 Ranking with Search Engines

Atwatch achieved a #1 ranking on Google and AOL for various web site monitoring search terms. Through search engine submission and optimization services provided by EnterURL, Atwatch has seen significant improvement in its' rankings by several of the top search engines including Google, Yahoo and Altavista. Tom Lepera, the Systems Administrator in charge of improving Atwatch rankings says, "EnterURL was able to provide us with easy-to-implement recommendations and optimization techniques that have already paid off. Since 4th quarter 2001, we've tripled the number of visits to our home page."

January 2002
Improving Access to Web Sites

In a move to increase the Atwatch web site monitoring system's direct access to many of the top backbone providers, Atwatch relocated its equipment to a major ISP co-location center in Philadelphia, PA. According to Jeff Jennings, CIO, "By moving the system, we are providing our monitors more routing alternatives. This will increase Atwatch's already reliable system by providing for the intelligent selection of network pathways."

January 2002
Imedia becomes leading affiliate partner

Atwatch web site monitoring products are now being promoted on Imedia's www.de.webmasterplan.com site in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Douglas Miller, President of Imedia says "Atwatch provides reliable and affordable monitoring solutions for Europeans with a web presence. The range of product features and prices are especially suitable for growing businesses." "Webmasterplan serves customers similar to ours in Europe. Through this affiliation, we are able to expand our reach to more of our target customer markets," states Nancy Hern, Sales Executive with Atwatch.

December 2002
Atwatch introduces
PersonalSeer Services
Atwatch has introduced a new 'help desk' service for its customers. PersonalSeer offers our customers personal, attentive and affordable assistance with managing their web sites. According to Adam Sudberg, Customer Support Specialist, "Our customers were emailing and calling us to help them fix server errors reported by our monitoring systems. Providing PersonalSeer gives us a way to see that they get the assistance they need, when they need it most...at the time of an alert." PersonalSeer, staffed by Web Engineers and technical staff, will intercept an alert, confirm and diagnose the error and contact the customer or the ISP as needed. "If the client requests it, we will also reboot the server or otherwise repair the problem", states Adam.

October 2001
Atwatch Acquired by
AtWatch was acquired by InternetSeer.com and will continue operations as Atwatch, a Division of InternetSeer. Already the world's largest web site monitoring company with over one million small and mid-size companies subscribing to its service, InternetSeer views the leading-edge technological capabilities and features of Atwatch as a cornerstone of its continued growth in subscriber acquisition and revenues.

September 2000
AtWatch Introduces Performance Ranking Index

Atwatch has introduced RIP, an objective, independent Real Internet Performance ranking index. The RIP report is produced each week by listing company rankings for the NASDAQ 100 and leaders in each of 25 industry categories. In addition, Atwatch creates individual reports for customers to compare performance to those of their competitors. "For a small fee, we receive weekly email updates on the web site performance of our top 10 competitors...information every company should have", says John Driban, Systems Director for a leading U.S. private bank.

March 1999
AtWatch introduces new technology to monitor web sites for availability, content and performance

On March 17, 1999 Atwatch is introduced to the Web. With the rapid growth of eCommerce, companies and organizations are creating new web sites daily to help do more business and attract more customers online. Atwatch is a better way for companies and organizations to monitor and protect their online business. Visiting customer Web sites in standard intervals, as often as every 5 minutes, the system simulates a browser visit to the site to detect common web site problems, Atwatch immediately alerts site managers via email, pager, and fax. The result: web site problems are fixed quickly before visitors and customers are affected, business is lost, and company or organization image is tarnished.