February 13, 2000 - February 19, 2000
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Availability and Alert Chart
Shown below is the availability and alert information for the watch frequency and report period you have chosen.
If the chart does not appear here, it is probably an attachment to this email. If this is the case, please open the attachment to view the chart.
Alert Table Alerts Sent
Date & Time EDT (GMT -5) Alert Condition (Count) Alert Detail Email Pager Fax
Thu, 02/17/2000 @ 06:18:46 AM CRITICAL-Verifying (1) Server Not Avail  
Thu, 02/17/2000 @ 08:18:46 AM CRITICAL-CONFIRMED (2) Server Not Avail Yes
Thu, 02/17/2000 @ 10:16:46 AM CRITICAL-CONFIRMED (3) Server Not Avail Yes
Thu, 02/17/2000 @ 12:18:46 AM CRITICAL-CONFIRMED (4) Server Not Avail Yes
Thu, 02/17/2000 @ 02:14:46 PM RECOVERY-CONFIRMED (5) Server Not Avail Yes

Availability Statistics (in seconds)
Lowest Average Highest
DNS Lookup Time: 1.46 1.66 1.93
Page (1K) Retrieval Time: 1.63 4.37 14.04
Combined Time: 3.46 6.04 15.59
Percentage Up Time: 95.238% (DNS & Page (1K) only - no content)

Important Note: The DNS lookup and page (1K) retrieval times can only be used to determine whether your site is up or down and give a "relative" performance rating of your web server and ISP. They are not representative of the true experience that a user will have when browsing your site with images, banners, and scripts, etc. Statistics that show user browser experience including content are provided by the @watch Enterprise Watch.


Account Information (Update)
Contact/Billing Information Watch Information
Account Login: 00001525 URL: http://www.abcompany.com
Company/Organization: Frequency: 2 hours
Primary Contact: BullDog Secondary Contact: WatchDog
Phone: 1-555-555-1212 Phone: 1-555-555-1212
Email: bulldog@abcompany.com Email: watchdog@abcompany.com
Receive Report?: Yes Receive Report?: No

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