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Third Voice Questions

I am not familiar with Third Voice, what is it and why do I need a service to watch it?
Third Voice is a new online service that allows readers to post public notices and comments on your web site. @watch will let you know every time you have new third voice activity at your site. This allows you to watch for and review new posts and activity. @watch provides website owners and managers with the peace-of-mind that a new post or comment does not go unaddressed.


How does it work?
Third Voice is like Post-It Notes for the web except site owners and managers have little control over the public posts. Third Voice stores the posts on their site and when a user with the Third Voice plug-in (IE/Netscape browser add-in) visits your website, the visitor is able to view all public posts made by other visitors. These posts may be good, bad or ugly.


How can I turn Third Voice off?
You can't turn it off, it is in the public domain. But you can use @watch to monitor it carefully to make sure you know what's going on out there.


What is the real purpose of Third Voice?
Third Voice was designed to help site designers, site managers and other groups collaborate on website projects. Used properly Third Voice is an excellent tool for collaborative teams and groups. Unfortunately, some Third Voice users, misuse it and this is why site managers and site owners must be vigilant. Thousands of visitors to your website may see things they and you don't expect.


Will Third Voice provide me with site reports and activity alerts?
No, not at this time. But you could download the Third Voice reader, visit your site each day and look through the site for new posts and new activity. This would serve the same purpose. @watch just provides you with a better, more convenient way to know if and how much Third Voice activity you have at your site.


Is the Third Voice Watch part of the free limited trial?
No. The Third Voice Watch is an added watch for customers that have the full service(fee).


What is the minimum level of @watch full service that I need to qualify for the Third Voice Watch?
@watch's Site Performance service includes the Third Voice Watch. Site Performance is available for $82.95 per month and includes our full Performance check, hourly image checking, hacker check, and the Third Voice Watch.


If I use these deterrent scripts is my site safe?
Yes and No. If you use deterrent scripts, visitors with the Third Voice reader may be redirected to another site, or may not be allowed to read or post notes on your site. Some deterrent scripts redirect visitors to the SNTTV site and they will receive an explanation. Other scripts give visitors a choice of visiting with or without Third Voice software running.