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How can @watch offer free service?
We know that web sites are becoming more and more important to all businesses, and organizations. We also believe that customers that receive the @watch free service will see great value and want to upgrade their service and frequency for a reasonable fee to include advanced @watch features.

Please note: Limited advertising is used on our reports to subsidize the costs of providing this free service. (See sample reports)


Why doesn't my ISP provide me with this type of information?
Even if they had a monitoring engine like Atwatch, hosts could not provide you with objective information because it would be filtered through their internal network.


We host multiple web sites at multiple locations, could we manage these all under one account?
Of course, a subscription to our advanced services will allow single account management for multiple URL’s. Reports will be sent individually for each URL to one or more email addresses. You will be billed per site watched.


Our web site is our business, what is the minimum frequency you recommend for active Ecommerce sites?
Our minimum watch time is 5 minutes, this gives the engine enough time to verify alert conditions and avoid false alerts. Our experience shows that a more frequent watch interferes with a web sites performance and increases the potential for false alerts.


I am not a technical person but I am responsible for our web site, how could @watch’s service help me?
We let you know about specific problems (in plain English) via our alerts or impending problems via our easy-to-read reports. Our alerts will find you and let you know when your web site is not providing a good user experience. This allows you to contact your technical staff or web host and proactively fix site problems before it affects visitors and business.


As a web manager, why would my company or organization need @watch’s services if the site is hosted by an ISP/NSP?
@watch provides more vital information than just the status of a web site (up or down). We watch for broken links, missing content, and poor performance over a period of time. We also watch the effects of changes in traffic on a web site. We watch when you are busy, keeping an eye on your site while you focus on your business. Our reports and alerts are designed to proactively help you improve the user experience of visitors to your web site. In fact, some of our customers are using @watch to provide the data they need to verify that their ISP is meeting its Quality of Service agreement.


As a Site Owner, Manager or Webmaster using @watch services, do I have any responsibilities?
Yes. For our service to be optimal, we need you to respond to the alerts and reports and repair the problems as quickly as possible. We don't want visitors to see the problems at your site either. If you have trouble fixing the problems in a reasonable period of time, please use the Suspend feature in Member Services. This feature allows you to suspend the watches and alerts for a specific period of time (1 hour, 2 hours, 1 day, 1 week etc.). Watches and alerts will resume automatically.


What is the "snapshot" feature on the main account admin screen?
The snapshot feature is for our Hacker Watch, available with @watch Enterprise. We take the main page and all the frames (all the HTML components) and we calculate a checksum and store the value. At each performance watch, we recalculate that value and if it has changed, we send you an alert. Hacker Watch only works for static HTML pages, not dynamic pages or pages with dynamic components (you can use text verification for that).