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Setting Up @Watch To Check Backend Databases (Availability)

@watch has the ability to monitor backend database output with a little effort by the customer. In order to do this, a custom dynamic web page that exercises the database needs to be written.

Step 1:

Construct a custom web page script or CGI that queries the backend database. When the URL for this web page is called, it should produce HTML output similar to the following:

<TITLE>Backend Database Check Page</TITLE>
Database is OK

In the above example, the custom dynamic script or CGI produces the text "Database is OK" when it successfully runs.

Specify the URL for this custom dynamic web page for @watch to monitor.

Step 2:

The second and very important part of this process is to specify the text string "Database is OK" in @watch's Text String Check. This check will make sure that the text string "Database is OK" does exist on the downloaded page when the backend database is functioning properly.


  • As long as the dynamic script or CGI properly queries the database and returns the correct text string, your backend database is working ok.
  • If the backend database is not functioning properly, either the text string will not be returned, the URL will not be available, or the page will time out. Any of these cases will cause an alert to be generated and sent to the alert addresses specified in the Customer Info section.


The Text String Check is limited to the first 1024 characters of HTML that is returned by the web server. Therefore, the complete text string being checked must exist completely within the first 1024 characters of the web page. The exact text string is also case sensitive.

The way the custom web page script or CGI is written is very dependant upon the tools available to the web page/database programmer. Some tools include ASP, Java (or even Javascript), or tools unique to the database being used. Because of this, @watch cannot provide assistance in writing the script to produce the dynamic web page.