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Setting Up Pagers and Cell Phones For @watch Alerts

AlphaNumeric Pagers:

@watch can send alerts to alphanumeric pagers. The alphanumeric pager MUST have an email address to send alerts to it. For example: 5139833453.2453@pagenet.com

Most major pager companies provide this feature. Place the pager email address in the field Pager address for the contact to receive the page.

Be sure to click on Save Changes when exiting the contact page.

After supplying the pager email address, the pager alerts for the contact must be activated. To do this, click on Member Services and then click on the appropriate URL. The Modify Service, Website, Alert, & Watch Options page will be shown. Scroll down until you see the section Alert Options and then select the appropriate pager alerts boxes for the contacts to receive the alerts.

Be sure to click on Save Changes when exiting the modify servicespage.

SMS Capable Cell Phones:

@watch can also send alerts to cell phones if the phone supports SMS text messaging. Most major cell phone companies provide this. However, it might be an extra cost. (For example, Sprint PCS cell phones charge extra and it is called "Web Messaging".)

The alerts are then sent to a email address for the phone. For example: 5138734356@messaging.sprintpcs.com

Because SMS cell phone message are typically limited to 256 characters or less, the cell phone email address should be typed in the Pager address field.

If you want to send alerts to both a pager and a cell phone, separate them in the Pager address field with a comma as shown below.


As explained above, make sure you activate the alert method to be used after supplying alert email addresses.


Unfortunately, that is all we can tell you about setting up your cell phone to receive messages. Each cell phone company does it differently and you will need to contact them for details. The important thing is that you get an email address to send the cell phone messages to.