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Protecting Business Online

Your web site is important to your business, and when your web site is down, your business is affected. Many hosting providers guarantee 99% uptime. 99% uptime means that your site could be down 87 hours and 36 minutes a year, and in today's Internet that is unacceptable.

If it's up... It's down... per year
90% 876 hours
95% 438 hours
99% 87 hours, 36 minutes
99.9% 8 hours, 45 minutes, 36 seconds
99.99% 52 minutes, 33.6 seconds
99.999% 5 minutes, 15.36 seconds
99.9999% 31.68 seconds

The bottom line is downtime is unacceptable - but on the Web it happens. You need to know when your web site is down, has missing images and broken links, or is just performing poorly. @watch can check your site for you from the outside, 24 hours a day, every day.

In Information & Answers you'll find our Quick Feature Tour, Sample Reports and our very informative FAQs. You'll also see our White Paper on what to look for in a monitoring service. Read the full article or skip to the checklist - but don't miss the point - ensure that the user experience is always good at your web site.