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Since 2000, over 4 million websites worldwide have used @Watch and Internet Seer for superior web site monitoring performance!

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"Open for business 7x24" and Globalization driving the need for more Uptime

Atwatch protects web sites and online business by watching them 24 x 365 and providing immediate alerts that notify the Webmaster or Web manager about conditions that render Web sites unusable or broken. Our alert methods allow us to contact our customers at all times and in all places. As the Web becomes a true global network, time zones for eCommerce and eBusiness become irrelevant and 24 hour service becomes an imperative mission for critical sites.

Global on-line business and global exposure present new challenges for Webmaster, Web managers and Executive Sponsors. @watch powered by Atwatch answers the simple question: How do we know if our Web site is running and performing well under pressure at all times of the day? We know because we’re at watch when you can’t be.

The Purpose

Web sites need watching because they are your online presence. If they are important they should be living, breathing entities that change, grow and mature daily. If this is the case, they are also complex and in being so are difficult to maintain. An important Web site is only important because its users are dependent on its availability. If it is unreliable or unresponsive users will seek other places to find information or do business.

Atwatch is a new type of "web engine" and is designed to be used by web managers, web sponsors and webmasters to augment and improve their ability to keep web sites running and working. Most importantly, we watch sites from the outside not the inside, our service reveals the "browser experience" from the outside. Inside monitoring only tells half of the story, and doesn’t come close to simulating user experience at a Web site.

Atwatch watches web sites for our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. @watch is protection for business online.

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• Proven - Millions of satisfied users worldwide.

• Powerful - Sophisticated technology that covers all the bases.

• Simple - Protection that is up and running quickly.

• Intuitive - You don‘t need an IT degree to use it!

• Affordable - 3 plans to choose from, rates as low as $5.99 per month.