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October 31, 2001

InternetSeer Acquires Atwatch Web Site Monitoring Company

InternetSeer Is Ready to Offer High-End, Fee-Based Web Site Monitoring Services To Its Rapidly Growing Base of 750,000 Subscribers.

THORNTON, PENNSYLVANIA. OCTOBER 30, 2001. InternetSeer has added a major component to its product line with the acquisition of Atwatch. Operating as the Atwatch Division of InternetSeer.com Corp., Atwatch will continue to provide all of the advanced Web site monitoring services currently offered to its customers.

Already the world's largest web site monitoring company with over three-quarters of a million small and mid-size companies subscribing to its service, InternetSeer views the leading-edge technological capabilities of Atwatch as a cornerstone of its continued growth in subscriber acquisition and revenues.

"The market for high-end Web site monitoring is growing every day" notes Michael P. Dever, CEO of InternetSeer. ".. With so much at stake, it's critical for businesses who rely on their Web sites to be assured that they are working properly, 24/7."

"The advanced capabilities of Atwatch, particularly its ability to remotely simulate a customer visit to a company's Web site, are especially attractive" adds Mr. Dever. ".. A business can now be absolutely sure not only that its site is letting visitors in, but that its numerous links and product images are also performing properly and providing the optimum user experience intended."

Miles Nixon, founder of Atwatch, adds that "The resources of InternetSeer are a real boost for furthering the technological development of Atwatch itself. It's a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Each company is a pioneer in the Web site monitoring industry and development people on both sides are already sharing insights and planning further enhancements."

In addition to Mr. Dever, the division's new management team includes Gene McWilliams, COO/CFO, Jeff Jennings, CIO and Thomas Lepera, Operations Manager who will oversee day to day operations and the marketing program of the Atwatch.


GENE MCWILLIAMS, COO/CFO, (610) 361-7745



December 15, 2000
RIP keeps watch on Internet sites

"A Web site is the front door to your business. Most customers will visit your Web site before they even call you -- its their first impression. So you'd be better off having no Web site than a poor one,'' Nixon, President and CTO of @watch, said.

@watch publishes the weekly RIP Index, which tracks sites of the top 100 Nasdaq companies and ranks them for performance. The index is e-mailed to subscribers and posted at /rip/ . During the holiday shopping season, there is an additional ranking of the nation's top 30 e-commerce sites. They also have several other key categories.

That's especially important for firms that are doing business over the Internet. If a customer can't view an online catalog or complete a purchase, he or she will go elsewhere – and revenue is lost. Click here to view the entire article (its at the bottom of the page)

October 1, 2000
@watch in MSDN Magazine!

Theresa W. Carey included @watch in her Resources for Your Developer Toolbox article in the October issue of MSDN Magazine. The article emphasized the enhancements made to Atwatch highlighting that Atwatch monitors several different aspects of the site including page load time, server response time, link veracity, integrity of site graphics, and overall user experience.

September 7, 2000
RIPin' the Web -- @watch's new RIP Index gets some nice exposure on PCWorld.com

Chris Yurko recently highlighted the @watch RIP Index as "objectivity rather than subjectivity." The RIP Index's distinction is its use of the three separate measures to determine a single index number, says Miles Nixon, chief executive officer of Quicksand Development, which runs @watch. The index number is, in turn, used to compare Web sites against their peers in some 20 categories, from auctions and apparel to portals and travel. Click here to see the RIP Index.

July 22nd, 2000
@watch Inc. highlighted in Cleveland Inside Business as "Entrepreneurs rushing to rescue stalled web sites"

Victoria Harrow reports that Cleveland attorney Todd Sleggs and partner Miles Nixon were hip to the fact that poor server response and downtime are the most ill-fated of dot.com maladies. So they dreamed up a service that helps CEOs sleep better at night and ensure that e-commerce sites don't lose sales because prospective customers click off in frustration. Powered by a potent Web-based engine boasting about 200,000 lines of Java running on NT, @watch scrutinizes several aspects of an e-com site, including missing URLs and broken links, page load and server response time, link veracity, integrity of site graphics and overall user experience. "We're not pinging sites, we're simulating a browser visit. But we're doing a lot more than what a typical user would do because we're checking all the content," notes Nixon.

April 2000
highlights @watch as essential for web sites

@watch helps you measure and improve site availability, site content, site performance and user experience. @watch's engine watches your web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for three critical categories: availability, content, and performance (user experience). They send immediate alerts via email/pager, or fax if your site is down or broken. And if they cannot reach you, @watch will send an alert to a secondary contact. If your site is critical to your business then give it the attention it deserves. 

July 26, 1999
@watch highlighted in the Cincinnati Business Courier

"Internet 'watchdog' sniffs out problems" reads the title of Lauren Lawley Head's recent article on @watch. The article touched on the services' capabilities - monitoring customers' web sites at various intervals and checking performance, content, links, and for any possible hacker activity. Sean Brown, VP of Technology for Ethos Interactive, was quoted in the article saying "Tools like @watch are becoming increasingly popular for companies that do not have the resources in-house to monitor the performance of a Web site and their Internet service provider. I think (monitoring services) are valuable... especially if the company has an ecommerce presence where it is important to know your site is up and running and alive." See the full article.

June 22, 1999
CEO/CTO of Quicksand interviewed on the XStar Radio Network

Ann Thompson, Producer for the XStar Radio Network, recently interviewed Miles J. Nixon, CEO/CTO of Quicksand Development, LLC. The interview was part of their "Focus on Technology" series and stressed the usefulness of @watch as a service. It was aired on 7 midwest stations in the XStar Radio Network. Listen to the entire interview with RealPlayer.

May 24, 1999
Netscape highlights @watch

Jennifer Schu's article highlights @watch as a way to prevent "cybercrisis." It notes that many companies are turning to outside website monitoring services to avoid site failures that can render websites "broken." The article stresses the importance of @watch's automated alerts to customers about their web site problems. The bottom line -- eCommerce is a "24/7" business - your web site should be "watched" 24/7 too.

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