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Since 2000, over 4 million websites worldwide have used @Watch and Internet Seer for superior web site monitoring performance!

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The Design

AtWatch is designed and architected to watch thousands of web sites. Our engine uses distributed computing to assign watch tasks to distributed watch units. The engine identifies alert conditions and issues alerts automatically via e-mail, fax, and pager. Each unit is designed to automatically track, collect, alert or send reports to customers. We have built in error routines that help to avoid false alerts.

The engine is built upon an NT platform and is written in Java and C++. The design is modular and allows rapid expansion of services to meet growing demands. The engine design is patent pending and protected by U.S. patent laws.

Atwatch provides three watch categories: Site Availability, Site Content, and User Experience. Each of these watches consists of one or more AtWatch watches.

AtWatch is currently performing five watches: Up/Down, Performance, Content, Hacker and Link analysis.

Site Availability:

Up/Down - AtWatch periodically contacts your web server and requests your web page. The DNS lookup is timed, as well as the time required to download the first 1024 bytes of your web page.

Additionally, if selected, AtWatch will scan the first 1024 bytes of your web page and check for the presence of a specific text string. Since raw HTML will be checked, you may need to also include HTML tags, if significant to what you need checked. If the specific text does not exist in your web page, you will be sent an alert by the alert method you have selected. If you change your web page, you will need to tell Atwatch to check for a new test string. This is done at the @watch web site under Member Services, "Text Check".

Site Content:

Link and Image analysis - If selected, Atwatch will periodically check all of the hyperlinks and images on your web page. If a hyperlink does not work (is "broken") or an image is missing, an e-mail summary alert will be sent to you when the analysis finishes. Atwatch will check to a varying "depth" of web pages, depending on your subscription selections.

User Experience:

Performance - When enabled, Atwatch forgoes the Up/Down check hourly for a full performance watch. After the DNS lookup, it retrieves your entire web page. It then scans the page and downloads any frames or iframes, if you are using them, and checks other HTML parameters. Atwatch goes through the web page and tries to download all the web page images. The process Atwatch uses to do this simulates how a browser actually responds for a user, giving more realistic performance data like your customers would experience when accessing your site.

Atwatch uses a proprietary method to approximate how your web server is performing in delivering web pages to your customers. Since the web is a very dynamic system, it is not surprising that response times may vary considerably from one second to the next. Sometimes, the problem is caused by the Internet itself, but most of the time, web delivery problems are related to the performance of your web server or the link to your ISP. Atwatch tries to provide enough information about performance problems to point you in the direction of what may be causing them. Unfortunately, Internet performance data is rarely "precise" enough to use for specific problem analysis (unless your site is not responding at all, of course), but the performance data can be used to spot "trends" of performance problems and allow you to proactively address them.

Content - If selected, Atwatch can inform you if any images are unavailable when it performs a Performance Watch. If images are missing, an alert will be sent to you by the alert method you have selected.

Hacker - If selected, Atwatch will use your web page and all frames on your web page to calculate a CRC. If the CRC does not match what Atwatch has recorded for your site, you will be sent an alert by the alert method(s) you have selected. If you change your web page, you will need to tell Atwatch to calculate a new checksum. This is done at the @watch web site under Member Services; "Site Snapshot".

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