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Protecting Business Online

The Atwatch Advanced Monitoring Solution was first launched in 1999 and on July 15, 2001 became a division of InternetSeer, the world's largest website monitoring service, in 2001.

Atwatch Performance and Availability Monitoring Services
by Atwatch

You want your web site to be there delivering content quickly and reliably. With its advanced technology Atwatch provides you the assurance you need that your site is available and customer won't leave due to slow response time. Protect your site from crippling downtime, missing content and the negative image that a poorly performing site delivers to your customers.

How it works...
Site Availability:
No software to install or changes to make to your web site. With 5, 20 and 60 minute monitoring intervals as our standard offerings, Atwatch will check your site and notify you when it detects a problem. Our detailed code system will isolate the problem and our watch and alert logs will provide you with the detailed information you need to manage your site. Trace route information is also available for analyzing your connectivity problems. Our availability monitoring works on both non-secure and secure sites. We can also detect a response from a database with our forms monitoring process.
Site Performance and User Experience:
Atwatch performs browser visits to your site to determine how it performs over time. Our graphs are easy to use and understand and provide you with a snapshot of your site's performance weekly and monthly. If you require continuous information, daily reports are also an option.
Site Content:
A weekly check of your links and images can also be performed to determine if all your links and images are working. Our detailed reports provide summary data as well as specific information on links/images that are found to be broken. Additional assistance to repair broken links is also available.

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